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Our systems come with a full 2-year warranty backed by manufacturer's warranty.
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You can select one of our prebuild systems to modify, or start from scratch:


motherboard comparison table
Please choose a motherboard below by selecting the main purpose and further specifying the product to suit your needs.
AMD is cheaper, Intel is slightly better in performance in high-end builds.
Refer to the above charts for specifications. Click on Product Details below for a detailed description of the selected product.
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Processor / CPU

Please select a processor based on the number of cores, threads and speed (GHz):
- Intel Pentium: 2 cores, 2 threads
- Intel i3: 2 cores, 4 threads
- Intel i5: 4 cores
- Intel i7: 4, 6, 8 or 10 cores depending on model
- AMD AM4: 4, 6 or 8 cores depending on model
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Dual channel memory is most common, it means that two identical memory modules are tuned to each other.
If the motherboard allows, quad channel memory can be used for even more memory (4 identical modules tuned to each other).
Instead of quad channel, two sets of dual channel memory will also work, but is not preferred.

Please select the amount of memory modules per set followed by the selection criteria below.
The required memory speed depends on if you want to overclock the memory AND what maximum overclockable speed the selected motherboard allows. For non-overclocking purpose select 2133MHz or as low as possible.

Optical Drive (Optional)

If required please select a DVD or Blu-Ray player/burner

OS Storage

Typically everything (operating system, user data, programs/games) is installed on one hard drive or solid state drive.

A HDD (hard disk drive) is a good option when you need lots of storage capacity and is the cheaper option.
An SSD (solid state drive) is about five times as fast as a HDD, but has got less storage capacity.
M.2 solid state drives are exceptionally fast (about 6x faster than traditional SSDs).

Extra Storage 1 (Optional)

Additional drives can be selected here in order to increase storage capacity and/or speed. This allows you to create a fast system with large storage capacity.

For example, you can select a fast SSD (solid state drive) for the operating system above (OS Storage) AND an additional HDD (hard disk drive) just to use for user data, such as photos and videos.

Extra Storage 2 (Optional)

For an even faster system or to create more storage, add another SSD or HDD.

For example, you can have one dedicated SSD for the operating system AND a second SSD for installed programs/games AND a third HDD just to use for user data, such as photos and videos.

Extra Storage 3 (Optional)

If required, add another SSD or HDD.

In this step, you can also select external hard drives to store data (these are portable and can be used to backup data).

Graphics Card(s) (Optional)

For additional graphical performance (for example for video editing or gaming) add a dedicated graphics card (GPU).

It is a good practice to check the benchmarks. The higher the score, the better the GPU.
The higher the series (which you can select below), the better the quality and speed.
For an overview and comparison please visit the following links: AMD Radeon Website NVidia GeForce Website


To select a case please use the selection criteria (brand, colour, size) in our webshop (click link below)
Shop Cases

After you have made a decision on your case, please select it from the dropdown menu:


PSU (Power)

The size of the power supply unit (PSU) depends on the components installed in your system.
A common everyday PSU is the Corsair VS450. The more graphics cards installed in the system, the more power (Watt) the system needs.
As a rule of thumb start with 450W and add 150W(Watt) per graphics card installed (so for 1 GPU: 450+150=600W).

A modular power supply has got detachable cables to save space and for better looks.


Processor Cooling (Optional)

Lighting (Optional)

To fancy up the inside of your case!

Fans (Optional)

If you want additional fans installed in the selected case please choose them below.
A common size fan is 120mm, larger fans (140, 180 and 200) might fit depending on the case.
Sometimes a smaller fan (80mm) is required (for example additional CPU or hard drive cooling).

Operating System (Optional)

Every system needs an operating system (OS) to function.
You can select one here and we will install and configure it to your hardware.
Alternatively, you can choose to do this yourself.

Microsoft Office (Optional)

Microsoft Office Home and Student contains: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote
Microsoft Office Home and Business contains: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook
A Microsoft Office 365 Subscription contains: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Access and Onedrive storage

Antivirus (Optional)

Windows has got its own build-in Antivirus product (Windows Defender)
Optionally you can get an alternative Antivirus product, reasons for this could be: better security, advanced firewall, email scanning

Keyboard (Optional)

To select a keyboard please use the selection criteria (brand, wireless, bluetooth, color) in our webshop (click link below)
Shop Keyboards & Mice

After you have made a decision on your keyboard or combo, please select it from the dropdown menu:


Mouse (Optional)

If required and when a mouse is not included yet in a keyboard combo you can select a mouse here. Please use the selection criteria (brand, wireless, bluetooth, color) in our webshop (click link below)
Shop Mice

After you have made a decision on your mouse, please select it from the dropdown menu:


Webcam (Optional)

Monitor (Optional)